Jammu City (जम्मू शहर)

Jammu City


Jammu city is famous for its temples. In fact it is known as the city of temples. Jammu is located at the foot hills of great Himalayas and is the winter capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir.

If Bawe aali Mata is the presiding deity of Jammu, the dargah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is the other shrine that protects Jammuites.

The major tourist attraction is the Raghunath Temple Complex. Maharaja Gulab Singh began the construction of the Raghunath Mandir Complex in the crowded downtown Bazaar named after it, in 1851.

It was left to his son, Ranbir Singh, to inaugurate it six years later perhaps the most popular temple in the north of India after Varanasi, it contains representations of almost entire Hindu pantheon, though the emphasis falls on the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The complex houses a rich collection of ancient texts and manuscripts.

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