Jhiri Mela – A tribute to Baba Jitto

Jhiri Mela

Jhiri Mela (pronounced as चीड़ी मेला in Dogri language) is an annual fair held in Jammu every year in the months of October-November. It lasts for almost 7-8 days.

Jhiri Mela-Baba Jitto


Every year, the fair is celebrated to salute the courage of a legendary Dogra farmer, who sacrificed his life to ensure justice to his people against the feudal system.

Kids having fun at Jhiri Mela

Kids having fun at Jhiri Mela

The Samadhi of Baba Jit Mal, popularly known as Baba Jitto at Shama Chak Jhiri, about 20 km from Jammu. He had laid down his life after he was cheated by the Kardar of the area.

The fair also pays tribute to father(Baba Jitto) and her seven year old daughter Bua Kaudi who set herself ablaze on the pyre of her father Baba Jitto.

Baba Jitto Bua Dati Praacheen Mandir

Baba Jitto Bua Dati Praacheen Mandir

A temple was built at the site of martyrdom of father and the daughter and after that a fair was held in their memory.

Baba Jitto Samadhi

Baba Jitto Samadhi

The villagers and their descendants have been attending the annual fair to repent for partaking the blood strained grains and for not coming forward to support Baba Jitto.

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  1. vipin maini

    garib aur majboor kisaano ko unki fasal ka sahi rate mile unki zameen koi galat tarike se hadap na sake yahi amar shaheed baba jitto ko sacchi shradhanjali hai


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