Chenani Town

Chenani is a small town in Udhampur district  in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.Chenani was one of the most important state in Dogra Kingdom.Chenani is the gateway to famous Sudhmahadev, Gourikund and Mantalai


Baisakhi Mela

Night view of Baisakhi Mela, Udhampur

Baisakhi Mela In Udhampur town of Jammu and Kashmir, a 3 day long Baisakhi mela observed at Devika Ghats every year with joy and fervour. In Dogri language, Baisakhi is also known by ‘Basoa’ (बसोआ)  Baisakhi


Jakhani Park

Night View of Jakhani Park, Udhampur

Jakhani ParkJakhani park  in Udhampur offers recreation and lush green environment to residents and visitors of the city. It is located on Jammu – Srinagar National highway, away from the hustle and bustle of Udhampur