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Mantalai- The place where Maa Parvati got married to Lord Shiva

Ancient Mantalai Temple Jammu and Kashmir attracts people from all over the world for its ancient temples and breathtaking scenic beauty. Sudh Mahadev Temple, Mantalai Temple and Gauri Kund in Chenani Tehsil of Udhampur district are some of them. The Temple of Sudh Mahadev is about 50 kms away from District Headquarter of Udhampur Tourism.…

Sudh mahadev Temple- Chenani

2800 year old Sudh Mahadev Temple, Chenani

Sudh Mahadev Temple The 2800 years old historic temple Sudh Mahadev is situated in the Chenani Tehsil of District Udhampur. The Temple of Sudh Mahadev is about 50 kms away from District Headquarter of Udhampur. The temple is one the oldest Shiva Temples of Jammu & Kashmir State. Sudh Mahadev is a shrine dedicated to…

Entrance to Shiv Mandir-Chenani-Udhampur

Chenani Town

Chenani is a small town in Udhampur district  in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Chenani was one of the most important state in Dogra Kingdom. Chenani is the gateway to famous Sudhmahadev, Gourikund and Mantalai shrines.            

Night view of Baisakhi Mela, Udhampur

Baisakhi Mela

  In Udhampur town of Jammu and Kashmir, a 3-day long Baisakhi mela observed at Devika Ghats every year with joy and fervour. In Dogri language, Baisakhi is also known by ‘Basoa’ (बसोआ)   This festival is observed on 13th or 14th April every year. Baisakhi Mela is the most vibrant and colorful aspect of…

Night View of Jakhani Park, Udhampur

Jakhani Park

Jakhani Park Jakhani park  in Udhampur offers recreation and lush green environment to residents and visitors of the city. It is located on Jammu – Srinagar National highway, away from the hustle and bustle of Udhampur city. The park is surrounded by hills with slight views of river Tawi with nature at its best always.…

Sheesh Mahal-old Palace,Ramnagar

Historic Town of Ramnagar

Ramnagar Town   Ramnagar is a historical town in Udhampur district. The town is named after the Dogra king Ram Singh.The fort and palace have been taken over by ASI for maintenance and preservation. Inside the Palace there is one Sheesh mahal or a kind of hall where we can see the beautiful paintings. Ramnagar…

Night View of Udhampur

Udhampur City (उधमपुर शहर)- Devika Nagri

Udhampur City The Udhampur district is located in the Shivalik range of Himalayas and the terrain is mostly mountainous. The upper reaches of district experience snowfall in the winter season. Udhampur is popularly known as ‘land of Devika’ and ‘land of Bowlis, Headquarter of District, is named after Raja Udham Singh, the eldest son of…