Presently, one of its sections known as the Pink Hall houses the Dogra Art Museum where priceless artifacts and scriptures have been displayed including the gold painted bow of Emperor Shah Jahan.

Dogra Art Museum- Mubarak Mandi- Jammu

Dogra Art Museum- Mubarak Mandi- Jammu

Despite the dilapidated state of the whole complex, the grandeur and larger than life image still captivates the onlookers.

Dogra Art Museum- Mubarak Mandi- Jammu

With the ever increasing demand and the growing voices, efforts are being made to conserve the archaeological and cultural heritage of these monuments with special emphasis on preservation of the Mubarak Mandi Heritage complex.

Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex-Dogra- Jammu

Located within the densely populated part of the city, this fragile complex is faced with problem. Besides, pollution too is taking its toll thus further damaging the heritage structure.

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