Sarthal-Bani-Basohli-Kathua-Jammu-Kashmir-Jammu Darshan

Sarthal Valley- Must Visit place in Kathua

Sarthal, situated at an altitude of above 2150 mtrs amsl is a meadow in Kathua district. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Sarthal is home to a village of Gujjars, they live here for only few months as during winter these gujjars migrate to the lower lands of Kathua and Jammu. The region experiences heavy…

Gupt Ganga Temple- Bhaderwah-Pandavas-Temple-Jammu-Doda

Gupt Ganga

Gupt Ganga Temple   To the east of Bhaderwah town on the bank of river Neru at a distance of 0.5 km is an ancient temple know as Gupt Ganga Temple. It is an important ancient religious shrine of the Bhaderwah region. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that the…

Chhatargala- Chatargala on Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli- - Chhattergala tunnel -Chhatergala Tunnel

Chhatergala- Unexplored and Untouched Beauty

Chhatergala       Chhatergala Pass is at around 10500 feet ASL, the highest point on Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road. It was sunny just 5 kms back but as soon as we reach the hilltop, the mist has engulfed the whole area. And it started raining heavily, unable to take pictures but still took few in that…

Chenani- Nashri Tunnel, Chenani, Jammu, Udhampur, Batote, Kud, Ramban

Chenani- Nashri Tunnel: An Engineering Marvel

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, also known as Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel, is a road tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir on NH 44. It is India’s longest road tunnel with a length of 9.2 km. The tunnel will reduce the distance between Chenani(South) and Nashri(North) from 41 km to 11 km. Snowfall and avalanche in winter at…


Gandala Village

Gandala After Exploring Latti, Laddan, Jaganoo, Jasrota fort we continued our mission of exploring Jammu. We came across a beautiful village Gandala 10-15 kms(approx) from Udhampur city. And, We came to know about this place just by fluke.   This beautiful village is completely neglected by the concerned authorities clearly visible by the pics here.…

RC Peak-Ramnagar-Udhampur-Jammu-Tourism

RC Peak, Ramnagar

  RC Peak, an Indian Army establishment, is situated near a very beautiful Hill station Basantgarh in Ramnagar town of Udhampur district. though never got much attention from the concerned authorities as is the the case with the other beautiful unexplored places of Jammu Region.     Basantgarh is a beautiful hill station, as its…

Sudh mahadev Temple- Chenani

2800 year old Sudh Mahadev Temple, Chenani

Sudh Mahadev Temple The 2800 years old historic temple Sudh Mahadev is situated in the Chenani Tehsil of District Udhampur. The Temple of Sudh Mahadev is about 50 kms away from District Headquarter of Udhampur. The temple is one the oldest Shiva Temples of Jammu & Kashmir State. Sudh Mahadev is a shrine dedicated to…

Snowfall in Kishtwar-Jammu

Kishtwar turns white with Snow

Captivating Kishtwar The Land of Sapprire and Saffron- Kishtwar has lofty mountains and sloppy hills around which bestow upon it grandeur and fascinating look for the nature lovers. It has  beautiful landscapes and panorama that it finds a superb place on the tourist map of Jammu. Kishtwar is surrounded by the District Anantnag, District Doda…

Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex-Dogra- Jammu

Our ‘beautiful’ heritage Mubarak Mandi

A grand complex of dilapidated medieval buildings, the Mubarak Mandi complex is a palace situated in the oldest part of the city of Jammu. The palace comprises of multiple elegant and exquisite buildings of architectural excellence. The architecture of the palace is borrowed from European Baroque, Mughal and Rajasthani styles, bringing forth a unique blend…

Entrance to Shiv Mandir-Chenani-Udhampur

Chenani Town

Chenani is a small town in Udhampur district  in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Chenani was one of the most important state in Dogra Kingdom. Chenani is the gateway to famous Sudhmahadev, Gourikund and Mantalai shrines.