Chhatargala- Chatargala on Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli- - Chhattergala tunnel -Chhatergala Tunnel

Chhatergala- Unexplored and Untouched Beauty

Chhatergala       Chhatergala Pass is at around 10500 feet ASL, the highest point on Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road. It was sunny just 5 kms back but as soon as we reach the hilltop, the mist has engulfed the whole area. And it started raining heavily, unable to take pictures but still took few in that…

Chandi Mata Mandir- Chinote- Machail- Bhaderwah

Chandi Mata Mandir, Chinote

चंडी माता मंदिर,चनौत An annual Yatra of Mata Machail held in the month of August. The Yatra starts from Chinote in Bhaderwah and ends at Machail at the shrine. This is a two day journey from Atholi via Gulabgarh. Lacs of pilgrims take part in the Yatra to pay obeisance to Mata Chandi.

Snowfall in Kishtwar-Jammu

Kishtwar turns white with Snow

Captivating Kishtwar The Land of Sapprire and Saffron- Kishtwar has lofty mountains and sloppy hills around which bestow upon it grandeur and fascinating look for the nature lovers. It has  beautiful landscapes and panorama that it finds a superb place on the tourist map of Jammu. Kishtwar is surrounded by the District Anantnag, District Doda…

Snowfall, Kishtwar

Kishtwar (किश्तवाड़)

Kishtwar District Kishtwar is located between 35-55 and 45-97 degrees longitudinal; however the altitudevaries from 3000-15000 ft. above the sea level. Commonly known as the ‘Land of Sapphire and Saffron’, it is also very rich in forest products. Kishtwar is surrounded by the District Anantnag, District Doda and also touches the boundaries of state Himachal…