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Shankhpal Trek

Situated at an altitude of 2,897 metres, the temple is just a few hours’ walk away from Sanasar. A 4-5 hours trek takes you to the Raja Shankh Pal peak. Photos Clicked by Gurvinder Singh For More Photos: Click here

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Sanasar Sanasar is a famous hill spot located 19 kms west of Patnitop in Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir. Totally exhausted by the busy lifestyle, all a person needs is a getaway where he can escape to a serene place rich with natural beauty , there can be no other place other than a…


Gandala Village

Gandala After Exploring Latti, Laddan, Jaganoo, Jasrota fort we continued our mission of exploring Jammu. We came across a beautiful village Gandala 10-15 kms(approx) from Udhampur city. And, We came to know about this place just by fluke.   This beautiful village is completely neglected by the concerned authorities clearly visible by the pics here.…

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Patnitop Patnitop is a hilltop tourist location in Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir state. It is around 50 kms away from Udhampur town. Situated on a plateau in the Shivalik belt of the Himalayas, Patnitop sits at an altitude of 2,024 m (6,640 ft). The river Chenab flows in close proximity to this location.…

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Nathatop (नत्थाटॉप)

Nathatop   Nathatop is one of the most popular attraction in Udhampur District. Nathatop offers a great view of snow coated hills specially during winters. Beautiful hillock of Nathatop, at an altitude of 7000 ft(as per locals), is situated on Patnitop-Sanasar Road. Sanasar is often referred to as the hub for adventure sports and outdoor…