Baisakhi Mela

In Udhampur town of Jammu and Kashmir, a 3-day long Baisakhi mela observed at Devika Ghats every year with joy and fervour. In Dogri language, Baisakhi is also known by ‘Basoa’ (बसोआ)


Baisakhi Mela, Udhampur

Baisakhi festival is observed on 13th or 14th April every year. Baisakhi Mela is the most vibrant and colorful aspect of Baisakhi celebrations, full of colors and one finds mirth and laughter through all corners.


Baisakhi Mela, Udhampur

Dogra-Jammu Dish- Queer- Kyuur-Baisakhi Mela, Udhampur
Dogra Speciality- Queer

It is a harvest festival and denotes prosperity. People, both men and women, specially children dressed up in new clothes to participate in the Baisakhi mela in full swing.